By Expert Speakers from Solar Industry on 17th NOVEMBER 2018, 03:30 PM (IST)

This E-Training Will be conducted in 2 sessions. 2 hours per session.

Session 1 on 17th Nov, 03:30PM: Pvsyst Training
Session 2 * on 24th Nov , 03:30PM: Pvsyst Comprehensive Analysis and Industry Perspective 

Solar Pvsyst being the benchmark simulation tool used World-Wide, GreenomicsWorld now brings the training program to its Digital Platform.

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Price : Session 1 Rs 1000
Session 2 Rs 1000
Both Sessions Rs 1500

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* Certificates of  Participation will be provided after completion of the training program.

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Pvsyst Training Session 1

  • Overview of How a Solar Power Plant Works
  • Basic of Design aspects and Solar Radiation
  • Need of Software in SPV system Design
  • Introduction Of “PVSYST software”
    • How to Download and Install Pvsyst
    • Overview of Pvsyst Functions and Capabilities
    • Geographical Location set Orientation consideration
    • PV system components DATABASE overview
    • Preliminary Designing (Grid Connected, Standalone)
    • Horizon set and Considerations
    • Complete Data base handling of Pv panels, Inverters, Meteorological data
  • Designing a 100 kWp Pv Solar System, Simulation & Report Analysis
  • Question & Answer

Pvsyst Training Session 2 –  Comprehensive Analysis and Industry Perspective


  • On grid System Design with Industry Case studies
    • PV module/ Inverter Specification & Design
    • Mounting System & Tracking System Consideration
    • Array & string Sizing
    • Module layout
    • Voltage & Current Specification & Design
    • Economic Evaluation & payback
    • Loss Analysis and Consideration
    • Complete Report Analysis
    • Total Yield analysis
  • Shading Analysis/Simulation using 3D application
  • Economic Evaluation using Pvsyst.
  • P-50 , P-90 Estimation and Importance
  • Question and Answer session

Pvsyst Simulation Discussion by Expert Speakers

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